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How to Style a Shacket if You are Curvy | Avoid looking bulky in a Shacket

Flannel shackets are a must this winter and early spring! They are so versatile and can change the look of any outfit! I am all about casual, comfortable, real life ways to wear a piece and I am living for all of the ways you can style a shacket! Most shackets fit oversized. If you are a midsize or curvy woman, please do not shy away from them in fear you may look bulky! I have some great ideas below for ways you can style an oversized shacket without looking bulky.

If you are loving any of the items you see, you can shop them through the links page on my website or by clicking each photo. Just a heads up that I may earn a small commission if you do choose to shop through my links, but at absolutely no extra cost to you! Your support means the world to me!

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I am obsessed with bodysuits. Pairing a tight body suit with a bulkier item like a plaid shacket is a great way to add some shape to your outfit without making you look bulky. My favorites are from Amazon and Forever 21, I'll link the affiliate link here for you. You can also click any photo to shop the items in it.

shacket and colorful bodysuit midsize outfit

Pairing a bodysuit and shacket with a straight leg jean also adds some shape to your body without looking larger than necessary when wearing a bulky, oversized item like a shacket.

curvy bodysuit shacket outfit straight jeans

The casual look of a neutral sweatshirt underneath a shacket is so casual yet on trend. This looks great paired with denim or a black legging! Chelsea boots, snow boots, or white sneakers would make this outfit perfect!

Dressing up an outfit with a plaid shacket is easy to do with a simple, plain turtleneck. I opted for a shirt but there are so many amazing turtleneck bodysuits, too. For a less bulky look, opt for a tighter fitting turtleneck. Bonus points for black, we all know that's my favorite color to wear.

A plaid shacket is a great statement piece for any outfit, but it is also great to wear as a jacket with any outfit. You can opt to wear it with your outfit all day, or take it off when you come in! They are warm enough that it can be a great jacket for those winter days that feel warmer than usual.

I paired it with a neutral creme colored waffle knit shirt. I wore it on a warm day and left it unbuttoned but removed it when I came inside for the day.

Please, please, please don't shy away from a longer shacket! Adding length to your shacket in turn adds length (at least it looks like it;) ) to you! Try pairing a long shacket with some color with really simple, tighter fitting items. Your shacket will be the center of attention!

Lastly, a plain, neutral shacket can look really great over a colorful or bold form fitting dress. Again, the dress draws attention to your curves while still allowing you to wear that stylish, trendy, oversized fitting jacket.

If you want to see more ways that I style simple every day items like a shacket on my size 12/14 body, head on over to my Instagram where I post reels and photos weekly.

I also have been showing you how you can try outfits you see on pinterest on your midsize body!

Let me know in the comments which look is your favorite.

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