• Erica Suckow

How to Determine Your body Shape Without measuring | Style tips included!

Finding your body shape means nothing more than learning how to dress in ways to flatter your body even more! Body shape is not indicative of size— you can be any body shape at any age or weight. It’s based on bone structure as well as where you tend to care most of your body weight.

What are the five most common body types?

There are five common body types you may think of, none being better or worse than another.

  • Round / apple: this is when your waist is larger than your bust area .

  • Inverted triangle / spoon / lollipop: your shoulders are wider than your waist and hips

  • Pear or triangle: your hips are wider than your waist, shoulders and bust.

  • Rectangle: your bust, waist, and hips are all similar in size.

  • Hourglass: your shoulders and hips are similar in size, but your waist is smaller.