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Hi! I'm Erica. I've always had a passion for writing but never had a way to express myself that felt right. I was constantly going to others on the internet for answers and realized that I have my own unique voice that I wanted to share.​ This is how This Unfiltered Life was born.

This lifestyle blog is a place where I invite you to peek in on how I manage my chaotic life authentically and how I look doing it. I've always welcomed others with open arms and had a "come as you are" outlook. I know life can be messy and imperfect and that's what makes it amazing. I want to highlight all of the great moments and embrace the mistakes and 'oopsie' moments that we learn from, too. My goal is to inspire to you to do and dress as you please, because you're the only person you have to make happy. Welcome to This Unfiltered Life, I hope you'll stay awhile.

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