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What I Wear in a Week as a Kindergarten Teacher

I teach kindergarten and I am all about being stylish and comfortable. Check out what I wear in a week to teach eighteen 5 year olds! Almost every item I wear is under $25, I love keeping my outfits cute on a teacher's budget.

If you don't have a pair of fun dress pants, you're missing out! I love wearing a body suit under these plaid dress pants. Any jacket looks good- denim jacket, cardigan, or blazer! It's a classic look and so comfortable for bending down to help tie shoes!

This is another safe outfit that looks dressy but is so stinking comfy! Sometimes skirts and dressed get too short for how often I need to bend over but a midi skirt solves all of those problems. I love this inclusive tee, you can dress it down or dress it up.

This is a classic look that looks really professional. Plus, black dresses have so much life--you can make tons and tons of outfits with them depending on the season, shoe, or jacket you pair them with.

If you don't have a blazer in your teacher wardrobe, you need one. They dress up literally any outfit! I cannot get over how much I loved this blazer paired with light denim. A neutral blazer is a really safe bet, but a colorful one will make your entire outfit! Both are definitely worth the investment.

A love a midi skirt, can you tell? A mesh sleeve top is the perfect transitional piece. The long sleeves make it appropriate to wear inside in the cold months but can transition to the warmer months, too. This top is perfect with a midi skirt, jeans, and even a corduroy skirt.

I truly cannot et enough of the work wear from Amazon. My all time favorite pieces are these high waisted dress pants and this chiffon top. They are so versatile, such great quality, and I feel so professional in them. Plus, they feel like lounge pants. You absolutely cannot go wrong with them. I added a mule for comfort.

I've rounded up all of my favorite business casual work pieces from Amazon here. You can even see how I styled them!

Casual Friday means I get to wear my all time favorite jeans! These high-waisted black jeans from Walmart are so comfortable and stylish. They look great styled with a sweater, booties, Chelsea boots, white sneakers--truly anything! That's why I love them so much. This thin sweater from Target is the perfect fall sweater for a teacher who moves non-stop.

To see more teacher outfits, follow my Instagram @this.unfilteredife and my Pinterest page @thisunfilteredlife.

Which one was your favorite? Let me know in the comments.

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