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7 ways to style 1 item: How to Style Work Clothes from Amazon

Curvy women’s work outfit blazer from amazon

“I may get commissions from items in this post. I am careful to only recommend products I truly love”

Less is more in all aspects of life. I love a piece that is versatile that I can fall in love with and wear often but that isn’t super noticeable that I’m wearing it over and over.

I made it my mission to find one piece that I could style multiple different ways. I decided to style this piece for a business casual style because that’s the outfits I wear a majority of the time- five days a week!

I’ve had my eye on this wrap and tie dress from Amazon for a very long time. It’s extremely versatile and can be casual but also dressed up very easily.

Curvy women’s work outfit dress from amazon

In this post I will show you seven different ways that I styled this dress.

I used dress pants, a long midi skirt, a blazer, and a button up shirt. You can choose whatever shoes you like, but I went with a classic black heel.

Wrap Dress

Of course you can wear this dress by itself. And it looks really great. I think depending on the type of shoes you wear and the jewelry you pair with it you can make this dress work for a multitude of occasions.

Curvy women’s work outfit blazer from amazon

I picture hearing this with knee-high suede boots in the fall. A silver necklace and hoop earrings with strappy nude heels for a baby or bridal shower. Or white sneakers and a tote bag for brunch with your girlfriends.

This dress comes in a ton of different colors, I chose blue because I felt like this shade could work in all seasons.

Button up

Next, I paired this dress with an unbuttoned white shirt. I thought it would give this wrap dress a more casual look and again would look really good with a pair of white sneakers or slide sandals.

Curvy women’s work outfit blazer from amazon


Then, to dress it up a little bit more, I paired it with a black blazer. This blazer is a little bit longer so that it didn’t have an awkward contrast with the length of the dress. The blazer was also fitted so that I didn’t look too boxy in the dress.

Curvy women’s work outfit blazer from amazon

Finding a blazer that hits you at the right spots will change your life! I highly recommend this one from Amazon. I sized up because I have more broad shoulders.

Curvy women’s work outfit blazer from amazon

Mid-length skirt

Next, we got a little fancy. I decided that I loved the tie detail and I really liked how it complemented my figure. I wanted to take advantage of that and be able to use this piece as a shirt as well as a dress.

Curvy women’s work outfit skirt from amazon

The first look I did was tucking my shirt into a mid length skirt. I kept the tie out and didn’t tuck it in but pulled the skirt up just near my rib cage and tied the ties in the front.

Curvy women’s work outfit blazer from amazon

The pattern on the skirt made this a really fun outfit. You obviously can add a blazer to dress up any outfit up or a button down to adding layers. I think a denim jacket would look great as well.

Dress to shirt

Then, I decided to untuck the dress. I did untuck the dress from the skirt, but I still kept the dress folded/ tucked compared to it’s normal length.

Curvy women’s work outfit blazer from amazon

I did this by grabbing the bottom hem and folding it inwards up until it reached the bottom of my bra. I then was able to tuck just about half an inch of fabric into the bottom of my bra so that it held the dress in place and kept it folded.

Curvy women’s work outfit trousers from amazon

This made the dress hits near my hips. I then paired it with the same skirt as well as a pair of paper bag waist dress pants.

These dress pants are the number one selling work pants on Amazon and I totally understand why—they are so adorable and comfortable!

Layering and Tucking

As always, you can choose layers to go on top to match the look you’re going for. Obviously a blazer tends to dress looks up and a loose non-fitted shirt or cardigan tends to help things feel more casual.

Because of the semi fitted nature of the dress, I was easily able to adjust how high up I wanted the shirt to be and tying the ties helped keep the fabric in place as well. For more ways to tuck tops, check out my blog post 6 ways to tuck a top.

The importance of staple pieces

Having staple pieces like this in your wardrobe really helps give new life to other pieces in your closet as well.

If you are able to make one piece last a long time and give you lots of wear, that piece is definitely worth investing in.

Sustainability is important, especially when building a closet and updating you wardrobe.

Curvy women’s work outfit blazer from amazon

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Let me know in the comments which way I styled this dress is your favorite. To save these outfits ideas to your Pinterest board click the three gray dots at the top of this post.

Keep in touch and let me know which of these looks is your favorite and what else you would like to see from me.

Happy styling!

Talk to you soon,



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