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6 Ways to Tuck & Tie a Shirt: Stylish Ways to Tie and Tuck Your Tops

You can easily change the look of any outfit by tucking or tying your shirt! This makes it like a completely new outfit!

Some ways of tucking appear bulky and uneven, so I’ve gathered the 6 most stylish ways to tie or tuck your shirt. They’re so easy, anyone can do it!

Roll and Tuck

This option is great for tighter fitting shirts. It offers a less bulky tack that doesn’t look bunched up underneath your bottoms. Starting at the bottom of your shirt, make small folds, about 1 inch. Continue folding the shower up as you work around your body folding the front and back so they’re even. Once they’re folded up you can talk them into your bottoms. They won’t look bunched up and will have a uniform tucked look.

You can choose to tuck in your entire top, or just the front. Check out this post by Jodie to see how you can half tuck a shirt.

Side Knots

This style of knot works great for oversized tees and sweatshirts. This style requires you to make a knot on each side of your body and secure them with a hair tie or rubber bands.

The knots don’t need to be huge or super tight because you tick them underneath towards your body. You can also tuck the knots into your bottoms so that all that can be seen is the bottom of your shirt.

Inverted Front Knot

This knot just gives a more appealing look to a regular tuck. You start by bunching your shirt in the front. Grab one side and twist inward, almost like you’re wrapping a burrito.

Then, when you get it twisted about to your belly button, hold the twist with one hand and flip it inside out with the other.

Then from the inside, wrap a hair tie around the twist. When you put your shirt right-side-out, you’ll have a really stylish looking knot.

V Fold Tuck

This one is super easy! Grab two sections of your shirt in the front about 3 inches apart.

Fold one side towards the middle, then fold the other side towards the middle—it’s like making a paper airplane!

Then hold the know with one hand and pull your bottoms over the bottom part of the tuck with your other hand. This tuck is very flattering and pulls eyes into the center of your body for a slimming look.

The Under Tuck

This is another truck that’s great for oversized tees and sweatshirts. If you are wearing a bra or bralette underneath your shirt you can tuck the bottom part of your shirt lightly into the undergarments you’re wearing under your shirt.

The rest of your shirt hangs down and you can adjust the length as needed by tucking more or less of the bottom hem of your shirt.

Inside Out Knot

You can tie this knot by grabbing two sections of the front of your shirt and tying them in a single knot.

Then take one of the bunny ear looking pieces of shirt and pull it tight over the rest of the knot. It acts as a cover for the knot!

What other knots or tucks do you use regularly? Let me know in the comments!

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