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How to Make a Claw Clip Stay Tight In Thick Hair

Do you have thick hair that makes it difficult to pull it back and keep it up with a claw or butterfly clip?

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I definitely relate! I love the effortless look of the claw clip, but we all know that beauty that looks effortless rarely is.

I wanted to find a way to keep a butterfly clip in my thick hair, and I've found the best trick for keeping it tight! Keep reading to see how.

How to Make a Claw Clip Stay Tight In Thick Hair

  • Start with a loose low ponytail and wrap your hair elastic around 2 to 3 times. Depending on how thick your hair is, you can choose how tight to put your ponytail.

How to make your thick hair stay tight in your claw clip

  • Then, pull the elastic down about half an inch from the base of your head. Use your pointer fingers to poke through right above the elastic and make a hole in your hair.

  • Then, flip your ponytail upside down and thread it up through the hole from the bottom.

  • TIP: I use two fingers to keep the hole open so I can push the ponytail through easier.

  • After your ponytail has been flipped up and under and is back through the hole, grab the sections of loose hair and pull a bit tighter.

  • Pull out any hair around the crown of your head that you want looser.

  • Lastly, twist the ponytail up and, using your dominant hand, open the claw clip and clip it around it. The ponytail helps keep your hair extra tight in the clip.

  • For a different look, you can spin the loose hair from your ponytail and twist the remaining hair back down again in the shape of a rainbow and place the claw clip around both pieces of hair. The slip keeps any loose hair poking out.

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