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Best Swim Suits for Curvy Women from Walmart and Amazon | 2022

Before you know it, Spring Break and Summer vacations will be here and swimsuits will saturating the market. As a midsize woman, I used to despise shopping for swimming suits, but a few tips have helped make shopping a much more enjoyable experience. Keep reading to find out all of my midsize swimming suit styling tips.

When I shop for a swimming suit, I always take into consideration my body type. I have a rectangle shaped body which means my chest, waist and hips are all similar in measurement. Because of that, I like to draw attention to areas I like to show off or create lines that create the illusion of a flattering shape.

In this first top, I chose a ruffled top that draws attention to one of my favorite areas: my collar bone and chest. The cut of the top and the knot at the bottom draw the eyes in toward the middle because I like drawing attention away from my shoulders.

To learn more about finding your body type, check out this post.

After two babies, I try to cover my lower midsection with high waisted bottoms just to feel secure and bundled in. Another area I like to draw attention away from is my shoulders. If you feel like you have broad shoulders, choosing a square neck line is a really flattering way to break up the space your shoulders take up.

Accentuating certain body parts draws your eyes away from other parts. If you want to draw attention away from your shoulders, accentuating your waist will draw eyes to other parts that you want to show off. You can do that with cut outs, colors, hemlines, etc.

Your body shape in no way determines your worth. But, you can use the understanding of what you want to accentuate and what you don’t to dress in ways that make you look and feel amazing!

This includes necklines as well. Plunging necklines will give you an elongated effect. Crew necklines give the look of a longer torso, too.

Look for pearls, buttons, ties, ruching and more! Consider where an area you may want to hide is. Do they draw attention to areas you want to avoid drawing attention to?

Color makes everything pop! Having color or prints in places you want to highlight draws eyes to that area.

Finding your body shape means nothing more than learning how to dress in ways to flatter your body even more! Body shape is not indicative of size— you can be any body shape at any age or weight. It’s based on bone structure as well as where you tend to care most of your body weight.

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