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5 Mid-Size Fashion Bloggers You Need to Follow

I admit it. I have fallen victim to mindless scrolling of social media and ending up feeling sorry for myself after seeing all these beautiful women who don't look like me.

But those days are over. My body is amazing. It brought me two beautiful babies. It has carried me through 26 years. It serves 23 wonderful children every day.

I want to celebrate myself and not spend my time obsessing over how I look.

This change in mindset has led me down a rabbit hole to finding women who look like me on social media. Following these women makes me feel empowered and beautiful.

I love seeing how they choose to dress themselves and what looks good on them. I want to be that person for others, too.

I've put together a list of my favorite midsize fashion bloggers that you absolutely should follow. Not only are they beautiful, funny, and authentic, they have amazing clothing taste. I get so many ideas from them!


5 Mid-Size Fashion Bloggers You Need to Follow

If you aren't already following Taryn you need to start! She is beautiful. She is funny. And she has amazing taste.

Taryn was actually the first midsize fashion blogger I found that I absolutely loved following.

It was so refreshing to see somebody who looked like me feeling so great in everything that they wore! I have gotten so many ideas from her.

Taryn also does Midsize the look Monday. She takes a popular style image and makes it work for her body shape. How often do we see an outfit we love, but think it won't look good on our body type? She beats that thought down!

Taryn is also super open about her struggles with being body positive, too. We're not all perfect, and I love her authenticity and honesty about this--it's so relatable.

You may recognize Chloe from her now viral Tiktok about her weight gain during quarantine.

She has such an amazing appreciation for her body and the fact that it carried her through a pandemic-- a mindset that I have since adopted.

Our bodies are amazing and we should celebrate them like they deserve!

She also is a social media guru and has tons of helpful advice!

Chloe also recently dropped a clothing line that is body positive! You can't miss this follow!

Anna is a beautiful boy mama who shares so many gorgeous outfit inspirations. I love that she shops places like I do (old navy, SHEIN, Target) and shares what works and what doesn't.

Plus, she is so talented at doing her makeup! I am obsessed. She is so beautiful.

She also has a YouTube channel that has over 20,000 subscribers. She is a must-follow.


Jaimmy is a body positive instagrammer with serious style! She does a segment that takes pins from peoples "For when I'm skinny" boards on Pinterest and recreates them on her body.

I love this idea! We should enjoy our bodies in the moments we're in now! I love that she shows others that you can look good in what you are wearing now! Why wait...Plus, your body is beautiful the way it is now.

Jaimmy preaches health and positivity, two things that should always go together.

Wellness isn't about being skinny, it's about being healthy.

Corrine is oh-so beautiful. She is also a mama like me!

Yes, moms can look good too! It's not all about surviving, and Corrine proves it! She is super stylish and I often run across her photos on Instagram and Pinterest and love what I see--then I realize it's Corrine and I already follow her!

Corrine has great taste and posts hauls often which gives me tons of ideas for outfits I want to try!


If you are not following any of these women yet, you should be. Even if they don't identify as a midsize fashion blogger, they are inspiring to girls who don't fit the size 0 mold. Plus, they all have absolutely amazing taste.

Following women like this have helped me get out of the mindset of skinny being the only way.

We should celebrate the bodies we are in and be thankful for what we are able to do every day with them!

Do you have any favorite midsize fashion bloggers that you love following? I'd love to hear about them in the comments!

Check out my midsize fashion content on instagram @this.unfilteredlife, Pinterest @thisunfilteredlife and Facebook at Let me know what looks you love and recreate yourself!

Talk to you soon,


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Mar 04, 2021

I love that these women are examples of real people! Trendy yes and relatable body types! Thank you and I look forward to following them and getting some outfit ideas!

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