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My February Must-Haves and Items I can't get Enough of!

"I may get commissions for purchases made through links in this post. I am careful to only recommend products I truly love."

I am dying to share these things with you! They have made my life so much easier or are pieces of clothing that I realized I absolutely cannot live without! I couldn't wait to share the love with you!

ONE- GrubHub

The first thing I cannot live without in February is GrubHub. GrubHub is one of the only delivery services that delivers to the small town where I live. Because it has been so ungodly cold in Iowa (it was -31 degrees today, yikes) we have been using GrubHub probably more than we should to get food delivered to us.

Because we have a new baby and a toddler, it’s not the easiest to get out of the house, so we don't eat out often. Getting groceries is not always the easiest task, either, so GrubHub has been a lifesaver for us. It's worth the extra 5 to 6 dollars for the delivery fee if it means we don't have to deal with the stress of taking our kids out in a pandemic. We've been ordering a lot of take-out Chinese and Philly cheesesteaks to go. Yum!

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TWO- FITTOO Women's High Waisted Seamless Leggings

I am obsessed with the FITTOO athletic leggings from Amazon. I used to be an Old Navy only girl when it came to leggings, but I heard about these leggings on Instagram and checked them out for myself.

They are the perfect athletic leggings and they come in so many different colors! They are snug and slimming and don't fall down, but are not so tight that they leave marks on my body or stomach.

These leggings are not see-through. They aren't too thick, but aren't too thin. Plus the price point can't be beat. I am living in these leggings everyday when I get home from work. They are amazing! I have multiple pairs in multiple colors, but the black are my favorite.


The next thing I've been obsessing over is my blue light glasses that I also purchased from Amazon. They have saved me from so many headaches, especially as I have gotten more involved with my blog and work more on my marketing campaigns.

They fit my face, which I personally feel tends to look better with a wider glass, really well. The lenses don't look extremely yellow or blue like some blue light glasses do.

They also don't leave marks on my nose, which is a plus, and the pattern goes with seriously anything!

FOUR- Yookidoo Baby Bath Shower Head

I have been raving about this baby bath shower head hose toy to everybody since we've got it. Who would have known something so simple would bring so much joy?

My mom got it for the kids for Christmas, and my husband and I joke every bath night that we don't know how we lived without this. We love that it's so easily transportable and pulls water right up from the bath to play rather than hooking to the faucet because we can easily move it from the sink to the bathtub or bring it to my parents house when the kids stay there.

It makes giving the baby a bath much easier because we can control where the water goes and get her head and neck much better than we could using just an oversized cup.

Our toddler also loves washing his own hair and body with it which is teaching him good hygiene. Plus, he loves playing with it. We are living for this cheap bath toy.


I love podcasts and I listen to a wide variety of them. From parenting advice to bachelor gossip and true crime stories to comedy, I love podcasts of every kind. My new favorite is Smartless with Will Arnett, Sean Hayes, and Jason Bateman. They surprise each other with guests every week and they take a deep dive into how each guest became well known and talk to them about details of their life that you may not have known or would have known. These celebrities range from movie stars to singers, professional athletes to politicians. It's been really interesting to get to know people I am constantly watching on my screen or reading about a little better. Plus, the banter of the hosts is amazing and I am big fans of all three of these actors.

What have you been obsessing over this month? Head on over to my instagram @this.unfilteredlife to see the clothing items I've been loving as well as the items that make my every day mom and teacher life a little easier going.

Until next time,


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