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January Midsize Fashion Round-up

"I may get commissions for purchases made through links in this post. I am careful to only recommend products I truly love."

I am loving the cold weather fashion choices that are trending this year! If we're being honest, the shacket is my favorite thing--it's so cozy in the cold and super fashionable. It's such a staple piece that can tie together so many different looks.

I am just getting back into the swing of wearing my own clothes after having a baby and let me tell you, it feels like an entirely new wardrobe. Even the clothes that I was able to transition into maternity wear feel completely different because they fit like a brand new piece.

After our little one was born I lived in sweats and my man's shirts. Now that I'm finally getting out again and back to work, I've had a chance to play around with different looks again and I'm starting to feel like myself!

I tend to lean towards looks that are tied together by my denim pieces, whether that be jeans or a jacket. I love all jackets though, they are my favorite thing to center a look around.

Something that I don't love about what's trending is that so many shirts are crop tops! I love the look, but as a midsize girl its not something that always makes me feel confident! I love the tucked look and I've been working that into a lot of my outfits. I think it's a good balance between the two.

I've also been experimenting a lot with different ways of curling my hair. I generally tended to use a wand, but I've tried using a 2" barrel curling iron. I didn't use the clasp, but used the barrel like a wand.

I've also been using a mixture of double wrapping around the barrel and just twisting the barrel as I pull.

Personally, if I want a more curly look I prefer the wand. If I want a looser curl, closer to a wave, I lean toward the flat iron. It works best to double wrap my bottom layer and twist the wrist on the top layer. What works best for you?

Lastly, something I've been loving is my own UV lamp for my nails! This was my Christmas gift from my husband and I have already gotten my money's worth. If I'm wanting to be pampered, I will obviously go to the nail salon. But I love the option of being able to do it myself at home. It's helped my nails (which turned brittle after giving birth) start growing again. I love the gel nail kit he got me, too. I'm loving the neutral colors and the matte top coat. It's my new go-to.

What are you loving for looks this month? I have plans for an upcoming Amazon, Walmart, Target and possibly even SHEIN haul. I'm especially interested in trying swimsuits and summer looks before spring break. I'm loving all of your looks on Instagram, I am feeling all the inspiration and so ready for some spring looks!

Talk to you soon,



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