• Erica Suckow

Morning Routine with a Toddler and a Newborn

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I thought teaching kindergarten was exhausting.

But then I had a baby.

And let me tell you about exhausted.

I finally understood all those people who said "You think you’re tired now? Just you wait".

But then, I got pregnant again.

This pregnancy overtook me with the typical pregnancy exhaustion. The can someone please come drag me out of bed, I might fall asleep if I stop moving for too long, come home from work and fell directly asleep on the couch wake up to eat supper then go to sleep again until morning type of tired.

Luckily my husband was working from home and was able to help me get my little one wrangled and in the car so we could head off to daycare and school. But now that our new little one has arrived, our mornings look a little bit different. It was chaotic at first, but I promise it gets better and easier as time goes on.

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6:01 My alarm goes off. I just can't force myself to set it for 6:00 on the dot, somehow adding one more minute makes it feel less early. I’m the type of person who sit straight up in bed the second I hear it go to off.

Not literally, but my alarm scares the daylights out of me every time it goes off. I have to force myself to not hit snooze, and if I do I’ll only do it once. I’m not kidding, sometimes I literally have to open my eyes with my fingers to get myself to wake up. And I’m not the only one, right?

I run out to the kitchen and pour myself a cup of coffee. I always set my coffee maker to start brewing 10 minutes before my wake up time so that I can have fresh coffee ready for me as soon as I wake up. Unsurprisingly, this is the only uninterrupted cup of coffee that I get to finish while it’s still warm during the day. I drink it as I get ready.

I assemble my breast pump, put it on, and head back to the bathroom to let it do it’s thing while I continue. I love my wireless Elvie breast pump! I recommend to everybody I see!

6:05 I start with my "skin care routine". I put it in quotes because it's really nothing special, but it's taken a lot of trial and error to find something that works.

I wash my face with a Cetaphil cleanser, use a witch hazel toner, and my versed moisturizer. I brush my teeth while I wait for my moisturizer to soak in and dry.

Once it’s dry I put primer on, I live and die for the Milani primer and give that a second to set while I pick out my clothes. If I'm in a big hurry, I use a portable fan (We used it when our little guy was a baby in his stroller during hot summer walks. Yes, I stole it for myself) to speed it up.

6:15 I start doing my make up. I love messing around with new looks and trying new things, but I save that for weekends or when I have an extra set of hands.

My makeup look usually takes me about 10 minutes on mornings that I have to go to work.

6:30 I start doing my hair.

Sometimes I’ll braid my hair before bed so it will have a wavy look in the morning. Sometimes I straighten my hair, sometimes I curl it.

If we’re being honest, it usually ends up in a bun by the end of the school day anyways, so sometimes I just put it in a loose low bun to begin with. (The heater in my classroom is broken and it’s usually on full blast, things get a little stuffy and I start to stress sweat).

6:40 I get dressed And most likely put on something different than what I picked out for myself earlier in the morning because I am a woman and I’m indecisive and that’s just the way it goes.

6:50 I usually start to see or hear my toddler rustling around this time and I panic because I’m running out of time to get things done on my own.

I warm up a bowl of oatmeal or pour a bowl of cereal or make a quick protein shake and finish it in about three minutes flat.

I pack a lunch, usually leftovers, pour my coffee into a thermos up water bottle load all that stuff up in the car.