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Super Fast and Easy Hair Style for Fall

Are you tired of having the same old hairstyle every day? I’ve been looking for ways to dress up my hair while also keeping it professional. Brownie points if this style is super easy!

A look I’ve been loving is a half up half down hairdo with a gold clip to add a polished flare. Follow along for a step by step tutorial.

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1. I start by styling my hair however I want, curvy wavy or straight. Then I part my hair right above my ears and pull my hair back into a loose ponytail.

2. I use black or clear small elastic hair holders and wrap it around my hair three times. This keeps it fairly loose so it doesn’t look like I have a full, tight ponytail sticking out of the back of my head.

3.I then pull my hair lightly around the crown of my head to add a little volume.

This hairstyle is so easy it’s almost over.

4. Lastly, you find a gold or silver clip (I feel like these clips are a better choice for more polish looked than the plastic butterfly or claw clips). I open up the clip and put it around the elastic.

  • This helps it look like my hair is kept up by the clip, but really the elastic keeps it in place to keep the top part of my head how I want it looking all day long.

That’s it! You’re done. You now have a polished, put together look that is seriously as simple as five steps.

Pair this clip with one of these 25 Fall Outfits for Women that are under $50.

Using these clips and pulling your hair all the way up also adds a more polished look. If you have thick hair and have trouble keeping your hair up in a cloth or butterfly clip, check out my blog post how to keep a claw clip tight in thick hair.

If you aren’t already, follow along on my socials to see affordable fashion inspiration, mom and teacher style as well as follow along with my series where I re-create Pinterest outfits from pieces I already have in my closet.


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