• Erica Suckow

Positive Affirmations for Kindergarteners | Printables Included

Every morning in kindergarten, we start our day off with positive affirmations. It gets our minds and hearts prepared for the work we will do that day. The work of being a learner, a friend, and good citizen.

I have these affirmations printed and posted around my room. We also repeat them out loud. I created them in an 8x 10 format so that I could frame them if I wanted. To post them around my room, I laminated them and hot glued them to the surface they were posted on.

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I love using these affirmations because if there are issues throughout the day, I can refer back to that affirmation. For example, if a kid says "I can't do that, it's hard" I will remind them that this morning they say, "I work hard".

If a kid is making an unkind choice, I will remind them that they told me, "I am kind". It helps me hold them accountable, too.

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