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5 Must Have Amazon Products for Elementary Teachers

"I may get commissions for purchases made through links in this post. I am careful to only recommend products I truly love."

I can go on and on about all the things I love from Amazon. I just get more bang for my buck.

In general, it’s really important to me to support local and I try to do that as often as I can. But when it comes to my classroom and the money coming out of my own pocket, I’m always going to try to spend the least amount that I can’t.

If you are like me, I am here to tell you about some of the best things I have ever gotten from Amazon for my elementary classroom.


Five items from amazon to use in your elementary classroom

The first one is bulk command strips. You can buy command strips in bulk on Amazon for a reasonable price. You can get the thicker ones that holds a little bit more weight, but you can also get ones for hanging posters.

My classroom gets really hot and humid, especially in the late summer months, and regular tape does not keep things up like I want it to.

Command strips keep everything that I want up. Yep, everything I've ever hung using command strips has stuck from day one!

I love these and I use them to hang borders, number lines, alphabet charts, and many, many more things. Sometimes, I even cut them in half to make them go a little further and they still work just as well.

The next thing I highly recommend from Amazon are magnetic hooks.

I have these scattered all around my classroom. Some are on my whiteboard holding up the name of the helper for the day that’s on a binder ring.

I have some on the windowsills that are metal around my classroom to hold up center materials.

I even have them hanging up for the extra messy students who need extra hooks to keep track of their things--just to put their lunchbox/hat/snow pants on every day.

These hooks are a lifesaver. And unlike command hooks (yes, they do their job too well) you can move them as many times as you need to! They hold a lot of weight but come off easily.


One of my all-time favorite games that I’ve seen in schools is the sneaky squirrel game. It works on number recognition, counting, color recognition, fine motor practice as well as social skills like taking turns, sharing, and following the rules.

This game combines all of those great skills and is super cute!

The students use a squirrel-shaped tweezer mechanism to pick up small rubber acorns of different colors. They have to spin a wheel and then either add that many colored acorns to their tree or take some off.

Plus, the game board is the box that it comes in which is awesome because there are less pieces that you could possibly lose.


My next must-have items are these adhesive index card holders.

I used to use die cut images or card stock that was laminated to label things like book boxes and material bins in my room.

Since getting these, I have not had to replace a single name tag in my classroom. They are protected and this adhesive sticks to everything.

In fact, if I want to rip it off, the entire thing rips apart because the adhesive is so strong.

It’s super simple to make the name tags or labels or whatever I want to slide in them in PowerPoint. They slide right into these adhesive pockets.

They are one of my all-time favorite things in my classroom that help me stay organized.

If you teach lower elementary, this is a must for you! My students obviously aren't old enough to tell time yet, but they are constantly asking what time we're doing this or that.

Having this in our room has changed my life! They can be more responsible for managing their own time and I don't have to answer the same question about what time recess is 50 times a day!

This is also an alarm clock, so you could set it for times that are consistent in your day. For example, we go to lunch at 11:26 every day. If I wanted kids to stop and clean up a few minutes before, the alarm would get their attention and let them know it's time to do that. Less work for you!

In conclusion...

We can all agree supporting small businesses and supporting local is very important, but when you're spending your own money on classroom supplies, it may be in your best interest to make the cheapest purchase, especially in case you need to replace items often!

Amazon has been a lifesaver for me when purchasing classroom materials. If this was helpful, please like the post so I know it helped you! I would love to do another list.

Like I said, I have hundreds of favorite things on Amazon that have made my life at school much easier. I'd love to hear what your favorites are!

Happy shopping!

Talk to you soon,


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Mar 03, 2021

My daughter is starting kindergarten in the fall so I’ll be saving these to gift to her teacher!

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