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Our Millennial Love Story

Ahhh, the millennial love story. Nothing like the how-we-met-story you hear your grandparents tell. My grandparents went on their first date together accidentally. Well, kind of. My grandpa had actually asked my grandma’s sister out, but when he dropped by to pick her up, she was sick. So my grandma went instead! They went out dancing and the rest is history... they were married for over 60 years and had nine children together! And don't worry, Grandma's sister forgave her.

Honestly, I always dreamed that the way I would meet my husband would be magical just like that. I imagined a meet-cute at church, in class, or when I was out with my friends. I just look back and laugh now because what happened was so different than any of those scenarios.

I started college in 2013. When my friends and I would go out, we would get on each other’s tinder app (yes, the “dating" app, even though that's not what we used it for) and mess around. We would joke around with the people we matched with and it was a good way to get some laughs as well as meet new people. I probably deleted and re-downloaded the app ten times. But I specifically remember matching with my now-husband in the early spring of 2014. We had amazing banter and went back and forth for hours. Plus, I remember how handsome this man was! I could tell you every photo he had on his profile because I couldn't stop looking. I mean that in the least creepy way possible!

We continued our joking around until I deleted the app, my usual Monday morning activity after a crazy weekend. We actually ended up matching three times on Tinder as I downloaded and deleted the app over and over. He actually did the same thing I did, messaging and being funny, deleting and downloading again, and I remembered his pick up line from the first two matches. I wish I could share it, but it was a little too raunchy for this blog. I especially love when my grandparents ask about it-- how does one put it into terms for them to understand?

I responded saying that I hoped he at least copy and pasted that message each time instead of typing it out because I had seen it so many times, of course he was sending it to every girl he matched with. He claims that line from me hooked him, he wasn't used to girls dishing it back to him! We continued to talk daily. This time I was too intrigued to delete the app and I kept it to keep talking to him. He did the same and our bond grew.

We decided to meet and hang out after classes ended for the semester. Our first date, we met for dinner at a restaurant in the mall. I walked in and he wasn't where he said he would meet me.

My heart dropped.

I was so mad. I thought he had stood me up! I called him immediately and he answered giggling, saying he wanted to watch me walk in to make sure I was real and that I was even more beautiful than I was on the internet (it doesn't usually work that way, haha).

We went to dinner and he ordered us quesadillas to share-- I swear I was in love from that moment on. We went to a movie and afterwards, sat in his car in the parking lot for 3 hours talking and laughing.

I called my best friend on the way home and told her I wanted to marry this man.

We continued hanging out throughout the summer. Then, in August, my now husband had a family emergency and some personal things to work through. We didn't talk for a couple of months. I tried to move on and was actually seeing another guy. I was honestly really upset that it didn't work out, I still felt that I was going to marry this man.

Then, in November, my phone rang. It was him. I remember everything in that moment--how I was sitting on my bed, the clothes I was wearing. It sounds dramatic but I was so excited. I truly felt like this was meant to be.

We started talking daily for hours on the phone. We decided to start hanging out again. I immediately forgot about the other guy I was dating. I knew better than to go all in so soon, but I felt this crazy connection. The first time we hung out again, it was over. We never went more than three days apart after that. We were hooked. I remember the man I was dating before texting to see if everything was okay, was I okay, he hadn't heard from me or seen me around campus in a while. I was just so head over heels immediately that I completely forgot that part of my life.

Nick and I spent our time traveling, watching movies, playing basketball, baking cookies and taking long walks after the sun went down (visit this post to read how we travel on a teacher's budget). We truly became best friends, I loved him with all my heart. I couldn't imagine my life without him. We had a tradition of getting ice cream every "monthiversary" we had. We met each other's families and friends and became regulars at each other's apartments.

In the summer of 2015, Nick and I joined my parents and sister on a trip to San Fransisco. He survived a week with my family and we fell even deeper. We fell in love with San Fransisco and Monterrey, California, too.

We decided to go back together, just the two of us this time, in the summer of 2016 because we loved it so much the summer before. I had a feeling the entire trip that he was going to propose, but every time that I thought it would happen, it never did. I had given up on it and just decided to enjoy the rest of our trip.

But, he had a plan the entire time.

One night, we went out to dinner at a Restaurant called Water Bar. It's amazing food and the wine selection is incredible. Plus, it's situated right under the Bay Bridge. We sat outside and watched as the sun went down on the water and the lights on the bridge lit up. It was beautiful.

After dinner, we went to walk down by the water. There, Nick got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. It was the easiest "yes" I've ever said. I could have married him right then and there.

We ended up getting married in July in the summer of 2017. It was a beautiful wedding and we were so lucky to have so many of our friends and family there to celebrate our love with us. I never could have dreamed that a man would look at me and love me the way he does. I'm so very lucky. In that moment, I thought it was the best day.

But, every day since then has outdone it. And I'm not just saying that. We laugh harder, smile bigger, and love deeper now than I could have ever imagined the day we said "I do". We have two beautiful children, a cozy home, and a wild dog. I love the life we have built. I am so thankful that he swiped right on me, three times actually. I can't wait to see where our love takes us in the years to come, and I pray all of you reading this find a love like we have! One that makes you feel protected, challenged, prized, and supported each and every day.

Talk to you soon,


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Kimmie Bee
Kimmie Bee
Feb 05, 2021

Aw! Your story could be a romantic comedy. This will put anyone in the right mood for Valentine's Day. Thank you for sharing this beautiful piece of your life, I enjoyed reading it.

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