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26 Best Mother's Day Gift Ideas: Unique Gifts That Aren't Flowers for 2021

"I may get commissions for purchases made through links in this post. I am careful to only recommend products I truly love."

26 Best Mother's Day Gift Ideas: Unique Gifts That Aren't Flowers for 2021

I love Mother's Day because it is a great time to celebrate not only my biological mother but other people who act as a motherly figure in my life. Many of these people have shaped me into the person that I am and I'm so lucky to have so many supportive people in my life.

But, what are you supposed to buy a person who deserves the entire universe when you can only afford a candle?

It's difficult thinking of a gift to buy somebody who means so much to you, especially when you want to give them more than just a mug that says "mama".

How to determine which gift to buy

I really pride myself on gift-giving. I take notes all year long of things that people that I love love, mention, and I try to give gifts that are really thoughtful and catered to them personally.

For example, if I hear somebody say "I wish that I had _", I'll add it to a note in my phone. Or if we're shopping together and I see them spending a lot of time looking at something, I'll take note of that item.

Something that they complement or talk about often is a gift I may consider giving them. When it comes time to buy that person a gift, I refer back to that note. I also think about types of things that are trending right now that they may not buy for themselves but may really enjoy having.

Lastly, I think of other things they have or gifts I have given them in the past and determine if there's any add-on gifts that would compliment them. For example, for Christmas I got my mom a rug that has different inserts for every season. That way, as new inserts come out, I can gift them to her.

The types of Gifts that are perfect for Mother's Day

  • Personalized

  • Necessity

  • Experience

  • Pampering

Meaningful Mother's Day Gift Guide

Presents your Mother Figure will love that aren't coffee mugs or flowers

Some people really struggle with gift giving, so I put together a gift guide of really personal items that are meaningful to motherly figures in your life. Some of these items feel really high class, and thankfully don't cost an arm and a leg.

1. Digital photo frame

This digital photo frame is a really easy way for you to upload photos wirelessly and have consistently updated photos displayed in your home from anywhere in the world.

We have purchased these digital picture frames for our parents and grandparents so that we can easily upload new photos for them. This Nixplay Smart Digital Picture frame is a great size and has a really easy to use app that you can upload pictures to minutes.

We love this because not only can whoever sets the account up upload pictures, but the frame also comes with an email address so anybody with the email address can add photos. This makes it easy for all children or all grandchildren to upload photos. We absolutely love ours. You can also set it to use a motion detector or to turn off at certain points in the day or night. My grandma goes to sit next to hers every morning to watch and see if any new photos have uploaded. It's a great way to stay connected with those you love from a distance.

2. Mama necklace

I first saw the mama necklace on Instagram @takingcarababies and I fell in love with it. I was immediately on the search for my very own.

I wear this necklace almost every day, I'm obsessed to say the least. You can get these necklaces so the mama is all one word or the letters are spread throughout. What a better way to celebrate someone above than letting them wear their favorite title around their neck every day.

3. Initial necklace

Speaking of personalized necklaces, one of my favorite gifts is a personalized necklace that has the first initial of everybody in my family on it. I purchased mine from and it was super affordable and great quality! There are lots of options and the style is super dainty, unlike some other personalized jewelry pieces.

4. Comfortable Loungewear

Who doesn't love comfortable loungewear? Athleisure is so in right now and I love that because you can double up your comfortable clothes as clothes to wear at home as well as out and about. Some of my favorite sets have actually come from Amazon, but Target has some great options too! Click the photos below to see my favorites.

5. Trendy Hat

Fedoras and beach hats are super in right now. Personally this is some thing I usually wouldn't buy for myself, but would absolutely love to be gifted. This is my favorite brand of fedoras, they are super high-quality and very affordable. Plus they have so many different colors and styles.

6. Trendy Sunglasses

I can never have enough sunglasses. I lose some, I scratch others, plus I have a pair in each vehicle, a pair in my purse, and a pair that I travel with. Purchasing a mother figure in your life a pair of sunglasses is a great gift. Be sure to pay attention to the style she normally wears or the style you see other women her age wearing.

7. Unique Jewelry

If your loved one is a jewelry wearer, you can never go wrong purchasing a lovely pair of earrings, a necklace set, or a nice bracelet. Click on the links below to see some of my favorites!

8. Vacuum or Mop

Nice vacuum or steam mop can be life-changing. Purchasing your loved one a vacuum and mop all in one or a robot vacuum that does the work for them could save them hours in a month. This is something they may not want to splurge on for themselves but it would mean a lot and definitely be used often.

9. Gas Fire Pit

Who doesn't love sitting on their back patio in the evenings and enjoying a nice warm fire? It can be annoying to have to get firewood, but buying a gas fire pit can be a great option for those who don't want to smell like smoke or have a fire burning all evening long. A lot of these fire pits can also transform into tables so they have a use during the day as well.

10. Patio Set

And while we're talking about hanging out on the back patio, having a nice conversation set on the patio can make that area much more welcoming for you and your guest. Plus, who doesn't enjoy more comfortable furniture?

11. Luxury Sheets

Some people feel strongly about splurging on quality linens, but others don't prioritize that. Purchasing the mother figure in your life a quality sheet set can help them feel luxurious every evening when they crawl into bed.

12. Satin Pillowcase

And while we're on the topic of luxury, satin pillowcases are historically good for your hair as well as super soft. Your mama will feel like a queen laying her head on something so soft every night.

13. Nice indoor plant

This gift could be an absolute nightmare for some, but others love indoor plants and have a large collection. I, for example, have none but would be delighted to be gifted one. It's not just something people consider to purchase for themselves often. Plus, every time they see it, they'll think of you. If you're local in Iowa, I recommend Harvey's Greenhouse.

14. UV nail Lamp/manicure kit

If your mom loves getting her nails done but finds it hard to find the time to get it done at the salon, getting her her own UV nail lamp and gel manicure kit would ensure that her nails can always look great even if she can't make it to the salon. She can change the color however often she wants and they be done for much cheaper than a biweekly manicure appointment.

15. Charcuterie board kit

Charcuterie boards and other cheese boards are super popular and great for a mother who hosts guests often. Purchasing a quality charcuterie board and cheese knife and fork set is a great way to help your mama be an awesome entertainer. I have a board similar to this one (mine doesn't have the bowls) and I love the different sized boards as well as the slate board! The utensils are amazing.

16. Charcuterie board book

Once you've surprised your loved one with their own charcuterie board kit, a charcuterie board book that gives them ideas and pictures of how to organize their own cheeseboard is the perfect pairing. I have personally purchased this book and love it!

17. Wine delivery subscription

A wine delivery subscription is a gift that keeps on giving every month. You can choose what type of wine gets delivered to them and how much you want to spend each month and stop it whenever you please. But, it's a nice surprise that will arrive on their doorstep and make them think of you. My personal favorite is Winc. Use my promotional link to get over $20 off your first box!

18. Makeup delivery subscription

If your mom isn't a wine lover but does love make up, there are make up delivery subscription boxes as well that come with samples each month for your loved one.

My favorite brand for this is Ipsy. They have many different pricing options for you to choose from. Use my referral code to get a free full-size eyeshadow palette when you sign up.

19. Massage

I think this one is pretty self explanatory. A gift certificate (and possibly child care if necessary) would be an amazing gift for the mama in your life. Time alone and it's not running errands? Yes please! If you are a local in Iowa, I recommend Divinely Guided Massage Therapy.

20. Quality skin care products

Historically as women age, they begin to care more for their skin. If you know a lot about skin care or I want to provide your mother with products, a gift card or quality skin care product purchase would be such an appreciated gift.

21. Espresso Maker

Imagine waking up every morning and being able to have your favorite coffee shop drink in your pajamas! Purchasing a coffee maker that has the ability to make lattes or espressos is another gift that will make your loved one feel luxurious and it's something they normally wouldn't splurge on for themselves.