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I found the best athletic dresses for curvy girls | Amazon, Old Navy, Halara

I love athletic dresses. They are great for working out, going to the beach or just wearing around town. I also love that they are comfortable and easy to wear. The best part is that these athletic dresses from Amazon come in all different styles and colors!

the best amazon athletic dress for curvy girls

I bought this lavender athletic dress from Amazon. I absolutely LOVED the color. It did not come with any shape wear or shorts underneath which I prefer to feel tight and compact, but was so lightweight. The straps were also not adjustable. I ordered a size XL. How cute is this dress paired with these white Nike sneakers?

I found the best Amazon Athletic dresses for curvy girls, athletic dresses for summer.

I found the best athletic dresses for curvy girls, athletic dresses for summer. These athletic dresses are perfect for working out or wearing casually in the spring and summer. They're also great for running errands or going out to dinner with friends!

Amazon has a great selection of athletic dresses that I think you'll love! I also love the athletic dresses from Old Navy, Halara, and Abercrombie and Fitch.

Of the three different brands of athletic dresses I tried, Old Navy was my favorite. I tried two different styles, one with thinner straps and no built in bra, and one with thicker straps and a built in bra.

the best athletic dress from old navy size large

Of the two I loved this black athletic dress from Old Navy most! It had two little slits in the skirt, hit me in all the right places, and was very supportive. I loved the built in bra as well as the shorts. I feel like I could run in this dress! It's perfect for tennis, golf and every day wear!

the best athletic dress from old navy size large

I also tried this thinner strapped athletic dress. It did have padding in the top, but no shorts underneath. I loved this color! This dress is a more inexpensive option and definitely lightweight if that's what you prefer. I ordered a large.

They are perfect to wear with sneakers, sandals or flip-flops!

Athletic dress are the perfect choice for a weekend or summer day. They are very versatile and can be worn with sneakers, sandals or flip-flops. The best part about these cute activewear pieces is that they are flattering for all body types!


the best athletic dress from halara size xl

I was influenced by all of the HALARA ads and finally tried their athletic dress. I ordered two styles. The first navy blue dress was the tennis dress style. It came with shorts underneath that were not attached. I felt so supported in this dress. I ordered a size XL but definitely could've gotten away with a large.

the best athletic dress from halara size xl

Next I tried this bright orange dress! This one was so cute! It had a cut out in the back and was super lightweight and supportive. I ordered an XL, if I ordered again I would order a large. I love this dress!

You can feel confident wearing these athletic dresses that make you feel comfortable!

You can feel confident wearing these athletic dresses that make you feel comfortable! Whether you're running errands or hitting the gym, these activewear outfits will keep you cool and looking good.

If there's one thing I've learned over the years, it's that while we want to be comfortable, we also want to look cute. That's why we've gathered our favorite athletic pieces—in addition to the many other pieces in our collection of flattering clothes for curvy girls—so that every day is a workout wardrobe win!

With these athletic dresses, you can feel confident and comfortable while looking great. They are perfect to wear in the gym or at a beach party!

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